• Natural service
  • Frozen semen
  • Large stables 36m² for mares foals and foaling
  • Selection of paddocks to cater for individual needs

At Toux in Aberdeenshire we stand one of the most outstanding registered breed stallions to the Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) available in the UK. Caerba Legacy is stunning to see and has proven his ability as Sire to numerous Irish Draught stock of all grades and sexes across the world.

We strive to support responsible cross breeding but much of our effort is in supporting the breeding of pure breed stock for future generations. To enable this we have two Hornby Select mares and fillies which we hope to grade up to the highest grades in due course.

Toux provides an ideal setting with sheltered fields and two completely separate stable blocks with large foaling boxes to cater for the most discerning client.

We have been working with the rare breed of Irish Draught horses for more than 20 years. During this time we have gained experience with artificial insemination and frozen semen.

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