Great how things grow at Toux

Toux Wise Guy, Maeve’s foal has certainly grown. Two month’s old now. It is getting to the point now that he needs to have to wear a hat now as he is getting very adventurous when he is taken in and out of his field and stable. Everything is just too interesting. He doesn’t seem bothered by tractors and trailers. Watching him the field and he never rest for long. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a play mate yet until he is weaned.

Another person who has grown up is Toux Seamus.

He is of to be broken soon and here he is doing some preparatory work. Everything he took in his stride. The saddle, loose stirrups and being lunged. The only aspect he wasn’t too sure of were the long reins.

 Luckily the school was weeded before the picture was taken but that is 18 months the school has been down and it is just perfect. the Building behind is one of two stable blocks.

Finally a quick snap shot of Caerba Legacy playing in his field!

28th September