Muck away

What do you do with your horse muck?

We have tried to turn a problem into a benefit at Toux. The muck is barrowed out to our muck heap and we empty the heap twice a year. Each Autumn and Spring time.  The muck is left in heaps and turned over every so often and composted. Usually the heap will get up to about 66 to 70C temperature and this should kill all the unwanted bugs etc over a few months.  As you can see our heap has gone and has been spread onto one of the paddocks. This saves having to buy fertiliser to feed the grass. And while the muck is absorbed into the ground it gives us the chance to sort out the old fences. We usually leave the field empty for about 2-3 months depending on the weather. We spread it with a tractor and old Zetor muck spreader and it is just an afternoons work.

Generally we have enough muck to treat only one field at any one time. So each field gets a covering every 2-3 years. Before you know where we are the heap has started to grow again!

the finished product doesn’t really smell and is just like the dark brown compost you see in the garden centre. The old hay is rotted down and there is no way of knowing it was horse muck. It is hot and a lot of steam is given off when it is spread. So there really is money where there is muck.

20th September