Preparing for winter in Scotland

The media has been reporting that winter is coming!. Bit obvious that, and snow is due here within a week. Well last night it was 11C overnight and down to 8C by sunrise. Luckily we haven’t had any frosts yet although sure that will happen now.

Every year we suffer with frozen water pipes in the stables and have to cart water. It’s a hard thankless task. Our stable troughs hold about 20 litres so at the worst we only have to top them up twice a day. This always happens when the weather is at it’s worst and we can put horses out.

So this year we have made a determined effort to put insulation on all our water pipes. Theory being if it does get cold we won’t have to cart water and if we do it may only be for a couple of days.

It is fiddly job using everything from No More Nails to gaffer tape and cable ties. It has been a fine fill in job on wet days!

The insulation we chose was the 15mm thick stuff and two sizes to cope with the main water pipes and the smaller down pipes. Used about 200 metres in all for the two stable blocks and the farm workshop area.

Lets just hope it works, so watch this space for when the white stuff arrives.  16th  October



At last we have just about completed our field shelter.

Luckily the weather this last week was dry and we got the topsoil spread over the hard standing. The shelter is made up to two walls forming a T shape. So they have shelter from any direction that the wind may be blowing. We have used old telegraph poles buried 3 foot into the ground to support the 7ft high walls and the horses rubbing against them. The wooden panel wall is a division wall between two fields.

Key to something like this is drainage. We have put in a 6 inch diameter pipe down each side of the shelter and filled the trench full of stone to get maximum effect. Hopefully this will keep access area dry during the worst of the winter. I hope you can spot Nash taking in the sun and helping guide the fall of the pipe. If you can’t see him look again!

3rd October